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Discovering available namespaces on the element

In XPath 1.0 "namespace::" axis was used for namespace discovery. In XPath 2.0 this axis was deprecated and XPath 2.0 compatible processors are not required to support this axis.

Functions in-scope-prefixes() and namespace-uri-for-prefix() are used for this task.


            <xsl:output  method="xml"

            <xsl:template  match="/aaa">
                        <xsl:for-each  select="descendant::*">
                              <xsl:variable  name="v"
                              <el  name="{name($v)}">
                                    <xsl:for-each  select="in-scope-prefixes(.)">
                                          <nm  prefix="{.}"



            <el  name="o:bbb">
                  <nm  prefix="xml"
                  <nm  prefix="o"
            <el  name="p:ccc">
                  <nm  prefix="xml"
                  <nm  prefix="o"
                  <nm  prefix="p"
            <el  name="ccc">
                  <nm  prefix="xml"
                  <nm  prefix=""

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