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Basic usage of types

Types are useful for automatic discovery of errors. In this example the template "xxx" expects an integer as the argument. If the type was not specified the "xxx" template would multiply the submitted float number. If correct functionality of an application would depend on this value it could cause errors which are difficult to discover.


                  exclude-result-prefixes=" sch">
            <xsl:output  method="xml"

            <xsl:template  name="xxx">
                  <xsl:param  name="a"
                  <xsl:value-of  select="$a * $a * $a"/>

            <xsl:template  match="/aaa">
                  <xsl:call-template  name="xxx">
                        <xsl:with-param  name="a"




validation error - FORG0001
Cannot convert string "1.34" to an integer

Transformation failed: Run-time errors were reported

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